Наиболее употребительные предлоги в английском языке

English Prepositions 

Предлог Перевод Пример
about о; про; около (приблизительно) I know about it. It’s about 2 o’clock now.
after после Summer comes after Spring.
around вокруг; около; приблизительно Turn around! Around a 1000 people come to this concert.
at в; у; на At the window; at the cinema; at the meeting.
before перед; до Let me kiss you before I go. I’ll ring you up before the dinner.
behind позади; за There is a garden behind the house.
but но, кроме;за исключением;

а (в смысле «но»)

All students were present, but you.You know him, but not so well as I do.

My book is red, but yours is blue.

by у, около, возле;мимо, вдоль;

посредством (кем, чем? творит. падеж);





Is it by the window?I go by your house every day.

It’s moved by electric energy.

He will be back by 5 o’clock.

He took her by the hand.

This room is larger than that one by 4 meters.

I know him only by name.

during в течение, во время; He lived in Paris during the war.
for для;за;

в течение

потому что

Please, do it for me.I bought it for 2 pounds.

He spoke for 10 minutes.

For I don’t want it any more.

from от, из I am from Spain. A letter from my friend.
in в, на;через (о времени) In my hand;I’ll be back in 2 hours.
into в, внутрь, внутри Look into my eyes my love!
of кого, чего? (наш родительный падеж)из;


от, по (причина, необходимость)

A cup of milk;This box is made of wood.

I think of you.

He has done it of necessity. I am sick of him.

on на, в on the table; on Friday
over над, через;свыше, более Over me. To get over.He is over forty.
till (untill) до (о времени) I’ll wait for your answer till Sunday.
under под, ниже;меньше The box is under the table. He’s under forty.
within в, внутри;в течение He is somewhere within the house.We must do this work within a week.
without без I can’t live without you!


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