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Welcome Zano1za  to Get It Done!

To get started go to http://getitdoneapp.com and login with your email and password.

For tips and tricks, head on over to our blog at http://getitdoneapp.com/blog/how-to-use-get-it-done-to-get-organized/

Did You Know?
You can add tasks to Get It Done through your email! All you need to do is forward any email to: 1311910059259389@getitdoneapp.com and the email automatically gets added to your account, attachments and all!

If you have any problems or suggestions just let us know!

The Get It Done Team

Website: http://getitdoneapp.com
Blog: http://getitdoneapp.com/blog
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetItDoneBlog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GetItDone/110196849146

About Olga Slutska

I like English and I like to teach people, who want to speak fluently from the first step. Easy English from the first step! Also I am a coach, writer and... simply a woman. Wellcome to my website. Take away everything that you need for your language ))
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